~————– HISTORY ————–~

This energetic and fierce Epic Celtic Death Metal five-pieced combo was born in 2012 in the city of Barcelona (Spain); founded by vocalist and lead guitar Jön Thorgrimr Fjonir.

The original sound of the band combines the roughest Death Metal with celtic melodies and epic harmonies, all powered by a strong gutural lead voice.

In words of the band:

“It is an honor for all members of Steignyr to be part of the family of Art Gates Records, we will proudly fight as usual for our music, and hope that all our fans enjoy our next work.”

After an extensive tour through Spain and two EP’s, “The Voice from the Forest” (2013) y “The Legend” (2014), which have been successful between the spanish metal community, Steignyr have been heavily involved in the process of recording what will be their first LP, which will be released by Art Gates Records in the upcoming months.

~————– LATEST RELEASE ————–~

“The Legend” (2014) EP
“The Voice from the Forest” (2013) EP

~————– LINE UP ————–~

Jön Thorgrimr – Lead Guitar and Main vocals
Hyrtharia – Keyboards and backing vocals
Jörmun – Rhythmic Guitar and backing vocals
Alaricus Ficaus – Bass
Zelther – Drums

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