Phobos Preacher 580

~————– HISTORY ————–~

This Death/Thrash Metal five-pieced combo from Zaragoza (Spain) was born in 2011 and is composed by musicians of a great background in the spanish Metal scene.
The sound of Phobos Preacher combines the deepness and heaviness of Death Metal with the power and punch of the most international Thrash Metal, treating about current topics, Phobos Preacher are the voice of the people.
After releasing their first full length “Humanos” in mid-2013, Phobos Preacher started an extensive tour throughout Spain, sharing stage with big names in the scene, such as Ktulu, Grave Digger or Sodom.
Currently, the band is immersed in the creating process of their awaited second album, to be released worldwide by Art Gates Records in 2015.

~————– LATEST RELEASE ————–~

“Humanos” (2013)
Humanos CD

~————– LINE UP ————–~

Dany Carmona – Vocals
Diego López – Guitars
Tatín – Guitars 
Herrero – Bass
Adrián Bayona – Drums

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