~————– HISTORY ————–~

The band takes origin in 2009, it was a Sunday afternoon when the name OmniKage was written for the first time; the 5 members of the band were discussing the best way to explain their emotions. A mix of anger, frustration, hope, love, power and freedom. They understood that the solution could be to put people and their universe in a cage, Omnia – Kage.

This five-pieced line up is inspired by very different influences, such as electronics, Nu Metal, Jazz and Bluesm Classic Heavy Metal vibes and Old School Death & Thrash Metal.
After performing in Europe several times and supporting Fear Factory in Rusia, Omnikage are ready to release their debut album “Acceptance” in April 2016.

~————– LATEST RELEASE ————–~


~————– LINE UP ————–~

The Monk – Vocals
Sly Jackson – Lead Guitar
Marcus Weylyn – Rythm Guitar
Dominick Sawyer – Bass
Ian Torrance – Drum and Electronics

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