Bio L’Endeví was created as a personal project of Mamen (vocals) and Jaume (guitar). It began when they met with three other musicians (with whom they continue a great friendship): Mario (drums), Pater (guitar) and Guillermo “Tama” (bass). Together, they recorded their first demo in September 2007. Satisfied with the outcome of this first collaboration and, because of the musical experience of its members, both in terms of other bands as well as their own musical craft, these five friends were encouraged to undertake a new and original musical project. In addition, they were supported by their first followers among them V. Ramírez, renowned photographer and editor of one of the leading national magazines ‘This is Rock’. L’Endeví is founded on the diverse and broad influences of its members resulting in solid eclectic compositions. With a personal touch their first album arrived in January 2010 “When I Desire Something You Can’t Do Anything”, 11 songs that tell the story of a journey through a dream world full of danger and deceit. Included on this first track is Ginés Gil (keyboard), the ‘shadows man’ of L’Endeví, always and forever close to the band. The recording and mastering was done by Fernando Asensi, a prominent national producer within the metal-rock industry. This first album received rave reviews in both the Spanish and foreign press: “When I Desire Something You Can’t Do Anything” boasts an abundance of power and intensity. The songs are aggressive while managing to remain melodic. In general, a good debut for L’Endeví that leaves the listener waiting for what will come around the next corner “(Femme Metal Webzine, USA)” “L’Endeví have created a unique sound that combines with the amazing voice of Mamen. .. the dramatic songs are truly fascinating “(Progressive Land, UK-USA) “Passages Metal, Doom and groovy with its own personality. L’Endeví have shades of Stonner and Blues. A band worth discovering “(Des Filles Et Des Riffs, France) “A well-balanced progressive orientation that leads the listener on an interesting musical journey in the blink of an eye “(This is Rock, Spain) “L’Endeví have unleashed a powerful debut album, featuring the seductive Mamen who has a huge dramatic voice “(Ravenheart Music, UK-USA) “They are not a usual metal band, they seek to raise the emotional register, exciting the listener and provoking a disparity of feelings” (Madhouse-Spain) As well as the above there have been several interviews in the prestigious ‘This Is Rock and Heavy Rock’ who continue to support the band. With this first work L’Endeví have included distinct themes on various international compilations: Des Filles Et Des Riffs, French compilation by Savageprod (important promoters of Rock in France), along with bands like Epica, Kells and Eths… Hall Of Metal Vol.1. With bands such as Angelus Apatrida, The Eyes, Noctem … (Cover design by Daniel Alonso) During the nationwide tour with their first album “When I Desire…..”, L’Endeví have shown that their live performance is energetic and full of strength, maintaining the essential magic that is in their music. This in turn has allowed them to share the stage with international bands such as Kells (France) and Regardless of Me (Italy). In 2011 the band began to receive significant public support from international brands that endorsed the professionalism of L’Endeví:  Laboga, the renowned brand of guitar amplifiers include Jaume among artists using their Mr Hector amp. L’Endeví is an endorser of Laboga cables. http://www.labogaamps.com/english/main.html  Mayones, the prestigious Polish guitar and bass makers will be endorsed by Jaume and Guille on their next tour in 2012. http://www.mayones.com/  New Rock are supporting L’Endeví with boots and shoes on their next tour in 2012. http://www.newrock.com/  ‘Unruly Shots’ by V. Ramírez who designed for L’Endeví and photographed the band, offering them his professionalism, renown and signature of quality. http://unrulyshots.com/ L’Endeví also has the support of other major companies in the European music industry:  EMP http://www.emp-online.es/  Woodbrass http://www.woodbrass.com/ To complete a successful 2011, L’Endeví signed with AGR. www.artgatesrecords.com Art Gates Records is a label that emerged energetically in Spain, firmly positioning its rooster (of artists) within which L’Endeví now has the necessary space in which to promote and publicize their second album. AGR gives L’Endeví, through Twilight Vertrieb, the distribution of the album in Europe, USA and Asia. This company works with labels like Nuclear Blast, Wacken Records, Century Media and many others (http://www.twilight-vertrieb.de/). Furthermore, the band depends on the extensive experience of its management team. In advance of the album’s release, AGR will announce the first videoclip that comes with ‘An Eternity’ in February 2012, which will feature on the soundtrack of a film that will premier in the Sitges International Film Festival and in which L’Endeví also show off their New Rock shoes. Art Gates Records presents An Eternity by L’Endeví Spain on March 19, 2012 Europe & worldwide on March 23, 2012




Mamen – Vocals
Jaume – Guitar
Pater – Guitar
Jorge – Bass
Mario – Drums




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