Grim Comet 2015 Sep

~————– HYSTORY ————–~

Grim Comet define themselves as a different band, their sound combines Stoner Rock influences from the 70’s, and classic Heavy Metal and Doom references.The trio absorbs in their music and incorporates elements from the 70’s as they could be Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd; also influences from the Big four North American Thrash Metal and NWOBHM bands like Motörhead and Venom.

Media as Terrorizer UK have classified them as follows:

¨Ever wondered what early Metallica would sound like if they´d been just a bit doomier? Well, wonder no more as Spanish trio Grim Comet have got the answer.¨

One of the strength points of Grim Comet is their live show, each concert is unique because of the dynamics of their songs, improvisation and changes in their setlist.

The debut album of Grim Comet will be released worldwide through Art Gates Records after summer.

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~————– LINE UP ————–~

Willy Black: Guitar/Vocals
Alvarito Arias: Bass
Jorge Mánver: Drums

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