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~————– HISTORY ————–~

This Black Metal crusade started in winter of 2012. Cvinger is an old Slovenian word with several meanings. One of them comes from Ottoman or Turkish Wars and was used for first defense wall around church, later this word was used for the wall which separated cemetery from those who committed suicide.
The sound of the band is a combination of Old School Black Metal with several influences, giving as a result the unique sound of Cvinger.
This 4-pieced combo toured Europe as headliners and also sharing stage with Melechesh and Keep of Kalessin.
These Slavs released two EP’s “Abyss of Horns” (2013)“Monastery of Fallen” (2013) an one LP entitled “Enthronement ov Diabolical Souls” (2014).
In September of this year, the band released their new single “Enchanted conclave” (Watch the video here) being premiered on extreme magazine Terrorizer (UK). The new single will be presented live on Marduk’sFrontschwein: 2015 European Tour Part III.

~————– LATEST RELEASE ————–~

“Abyss of Horns” Demo (2013)

“Monastery of Fallen” EP (2013)

“Enthronement ov Diabolical Souls” LP (2014)

~————– LINE UP ————–~

Lucerus – Vocals
Bagot – Guitars
Obscurum – Bass
Morgoth – Drums

~————– VIDEOS ————–~


Enchante Conclave

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