~————– HISTORY ————–~

This rising project was born as an idea from Yhandros Huergo in the city of Valencia (Spain) in the beginning of 2011. The sound of Cuélebre mixes archaic sounds and medieval instruments, along with ritual atmospheres; creating their songs using votive lyrics from pre-Roman inscriptions found in Europe, specially in the Iberian Peninsula.

The band is inspired by ancient myths and nature itself to create their personal and unique music; using instruments such as the Hurdy-gurdy, Irish Bouzouki and a great variety of flutes and whistles accompanied by a strong percussive basis formed by the Davul, shamanic drums and Goliath. Cuélebre also uses samplers to provide atmospheric sounds and enrich even more the sound of the band.

The vocals are used as another instrument through melodic lines and ceremonial singing, completing the round sound of the sextet. Their debut opus is going to be worldwide released through Art Gates Records in May 2014.

~————– LATEST RELEASE ————–~


~————– LINE UP ————–~

Yhandros Huergo: Hurdy-gurdy
Gemma Alvarez: Tin whistle, Low Whistle, Harmonic Flute and Mandoline
Margaret Seidler: Davul and Shaman Drum
Paco Fernandez: Vocals, Guitar and Irish Bouzouki
Elvira Safont: Lead Voice
Christyan Gens Goliae: Percussion and Computer

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